Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I will be what Gotham-Coz needs me to be. While eating an orange.

So. In the face of a stunning victory for the myopic and selfish, it's a brand-new day. I am coughing like a something-that-coughs-a-lot, and I'm not sure if this is from the freshly exercise-jostled hunks of tar in my lungs or because I'm getting sick. Right now I'm leaning toward the sick side of things, but will that stop me? No. No, it won't.

Because my lungs are all cobwebby, I had a short workout last night and another short run this morning before I head to Combat Conditioning during lunchtime.

And who knows? After all is said and done, I might have to go find some other city to protect. There are probably lots of cities that need protection whose heads are less up their butts.

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