Monday, November 30, 2009

No, Bane. This time I break you—on the elliptical.

I am absolutely amazed that our four-day Thanksgiving bacchanal only resulted in a two-pound weight gain. Between 18 adults, we ate—no shit—twelve pounds of bacon. More like a baconnal! Bwahaha!

In any case, a very good time, and I didn't eat nearly as poorly as I could have, all told. I stayed away from beer and ate fruit for breakfast and did some floor exercises and went for a polar bear twin in Mary's Lake and took a four-mile hike and was altogether more active that I could have been. But still, time to start anew that weight-shaving, today with a lunchtime trip to the gym and then kickboxing again tonight. The good news that I've learned from my Batman-ing so far is that I'm capable of taking weight off, and with surprising alacrity, when I stick to my diet and work hard. I will lose another seven pounds before the week is over. This is my goal. I will also run tomorrow, which I failed to do today because I could not be bothered to wake up early enough.

And go.

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